Buy a tour phi phi island tour package day tour and spend the best holidays of your life.

Here at Blanco’s Boat, we have the biggest party to welcome you to the majestic archipelago of the phi phi island tours. This paradisiacal place is located in Southeast Asia, in Thailand. It consists of 4 islands that have exotic beauties and enigmatic secrets. We take you to meet them on a day trip on the phi phi island day tour.

You will see them on board our boat and have fun with all our attractions, created especially for you. You will discover places that have a charm that you will not find anywhere else.

On board the White Ship, you will receive personalized attention from our staff, which have been trained to provide you with the best service, offering quality and safety at all times. The excursions on the Phi Phi Hostels will take you to discover the most beautiful landscapes, with guides that will describe you every place visited.

Each of the consumptions are Contained At the cost of the tourist phi phi island tour package island day excursion. Additionally, the fee payments for accessing the shores and visiting emblematic locations are covered. In addition, it covers the price of beverages that you can enjoy in the trip, including beer, vodka, rum or gin.

To liven up the atmosphere, we Have live music, by our DJ, that ensures a merry and agreeable atmosphere during the entire trip.

The trip starts at Monkey beach, Where you will see monkeys in their normal environment and you’ll have the ability to interact with them because they don’t fear humans.

Additionally, You will love the Caves and roads that are observed in the cliffs. Next, we will visit the Maya Bay, with beaches of unsurpassed beauty. From that point, we will go to this Pileh Lagoon, surrounded by seas and limestone of a blue.

We will finish the tour at Loh Samah Bay, where you can dive and discover the entrances into the Maya Bay.
Visit and make the best trip of your life.

Posted on December 16, 2018