The home is more than a house, it is where you feel comfortable, and with Treasure at Tampines, this is more than guaranteed.

Sim card Liam Group includes a new undertaking, and it is just about the most ambitious that most of Singapore experienced the good lot of money to appreciate. This can be Treasure at Tampines a residence designed for the comfort of its residents, where perhaps the simplest detail counts to make a difference. Its place is one of the Treasure at Tampines most impressive, being perfectly designed so that people could entry a simple and fast mobility; You will be able to find schools, nursing homes, shopping centers, MRT stations, green areas carefully preserved, all this at a few simple and comfortable actions away because it is a super key area for this particular.

For the web site, you will find a great deal of information that you will want to stop thinking about it and make your reservation when, with a few mouse clicks, and that’s this! There you could have access to obligations, plans, a guide where they reveal in detail the whole panorama of all Tampines, the options are endless if you believe about it. His / her family are usually in an area in which, besides becoming safe, is recognized as a great social and social advance, this means that prestige has and to free.
The homes that are available inside the Treasure at Tampines are incredibly diverse, designed for all kinds of families, additionally counting individuals who live on your own. The area that occupies the entire condominium matches 11 sports fields, exactly where 28 buildings of about 12 floors are located, it is estimated that you can find 33 kinds of units, that you can choose between 1 to bedrooms. So if your needs require more specific providers, surely the following at Treasure at Tampines you will get something you like.

Your household should be important to whom you should give the very best you can let them have, with Treasure at Tampines you will have a super cozy life, packed with fantastic possibilities and mobility without problems. Do not waste more time and win your own reservation at this time, the doors of this amazing condo open up in 03 2019, and they are awaiting you.

Posted on February 11, 2019