Tony Dokoupil& Katy Tur-The joining of Journalists in professional and personal agenda

Katy Tur husband Tony Dokoupil was born in the United Sates on 1981 who works as the correspondent for CBS News. His day of birth is unknown. Being a journalist, he married his co-worker Katy Tur and the marriage happened on 2017. Tony reports many interesting news in America and has gained his bets place in the field of journalism.

Tony’s details

Tony’s parents are Ann Dokoupil and Anthony Edward Dokoupil from the place of Miami. His father’s drug addiction habit made him lose out the family and Tony had spent his life with his mother. After a period, Tony got into smuggling and lost more money. His graduation was in marketing and communications from Washington University School of Business and continued to get his masters from Columbia University in the year 2004.His Ph.D was in Media studies.

Katy’s background

Katy Tur is also a journalist who is associated with giant news, NBC, MSNBC and there are other platforms too. One of the prominent works she did is covering the campaign of Donald Trump which she felt as a real tough work. Her work pitched high once he got elected as the President and took her to a next level. Journalism is a part and parcel of Kate’s life because both her parents are from the same background. She has really gained a huge success in the field of journalism

Tony met his partner Katy Tur at MSNBC and began to date. Following which their engagement happened and their marriage ceremony held in the year 2017. Their marriage was quite remembering one as they had planned out in creep places where he wanted the guests to be away from all political talks and official occupying for some time.

Posted on January 5, 2019